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Smart Ways To Keep Your Drink Cold

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is peeking out more often than it did in the winter. In addition, the temperatures are going to start rising — slowly, but surely.

When springtime rolls around, these are a few things we think about. We also think about dusting off those hiking boots, breaking out a picnic blanket, and just heading outdoors for more fresh-air activities.

We also think about drinking iced tea, glacier-cold water, and other icy beverages to quench our thirst and provide refreshment on a warm spring day.

There’s been a lot of talk here about how hot your coffee should be and how to keep your coffee hot, both of which are problems that are solved by the LEXO coffee tumbler.

However, the LEXO is the world’s first and best smart mug for a reason — and one of those reasons is because in addition to keeping your hot drinks at the perfect drinking temperature all day long, it can also keep your cold drinks ice-cold!

That’s right. There’s really nothing that the LEXO smart mug can’t do. In this blog, we’re going to be touching on a few smart ways to keep your drink cold. Keep reading to learn more.

Get A Smart Mug

Here’s the thing about other “smart mugs” and tumblers: they tend to complicate things a little too much. By using technology, gadgets, and other unnecessary gizmos, these tumblers create a process that is far too complicated when all you want to do is enjoy your beverage at the right temperature — whether it’s hot or cold.

Our first smart tip? Buy a LEXO. The LEXO is the world’s best smart mug, fully capable of retaining ice and cold beverages throughout the day.

That’s because our tumblers are vacuum insulated and built with triple-layer walls — each of which are armed with temperature control technology.

Pour in your iced tea, water, or other refreshing beverage and you won’t have to worry about your tumbler sweating, melting your ice, or creating other general unpleasantry. Just the perfect, refreshing drinking temperature all day long.


Of course we all know that adding ice is one of the surest ways to chill (and keep) a beverage. However, if the liquid itself isn’t chilled, adding ice could only water your drink down.

To eliminate this problem, think about a nice pre-chill if you know you’re going to be bringing your favorite ice-cold beverage on the go. Store them in a cooler, refrigerator, or anywhere else that keeps that liquid at a refreshingly frigid temperature and you’ll ensure that the drink stays colder for longer.

Get Stoned

Want all of the benefits of an ice cube without having to worry about watered-down drinks? Harness the power of “whiskey rocks.”

These magical little cubes are typically made from stainless steel or stone and essentially serve as reusable ice cubes. Keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to roll, then plop a couple into your drink and feel the chill.

Of course, the best way to keep your drink cold is to combine all of these tips together. Chill your drinks, get some ice or stones, and throw them all together into your LEXO smart mug.

Maximum refreshment, no sweating, ice cold drinks — this is not your standard tumbler.