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The Smart Camping Guide

The sun is coming out and the flowers are blooming, which means it’s the perfect time to hit the great outdoors and go camping.

While peak camping season gets underway toward the summer, the springtime offers a different perspective on nature. For starters, the campsites, hiking trails, and fishing holes are significantly less crowded.

But it also creates a great opportunity to take the whole family out to get in touch with nature for one of the first times this year after being cooped up all winter.

But camping requires a bit more planning than just piling into the car and hitting the open road. In this blog, we’ll be laying out the LEXO smart camping guide to make sure you bring all the essentials on your camping trip.

Of course, no essential camping checklist could be complete without your LEXO smart mug. The LEXO is the best coffee tumbler to take on the go — whether you’re headed to the office or to the mountains.

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Break Out The Gear

If you’ve been cooped up in the house all winter, then it’s safe to bet that your camping gear has been, too. Before you pack it all in the car, truck, or jeep, make sure you break it out and ensure that everything is in working order.

Fold out the tent and make sure there are no tears, be sure that your stove/heating unit has all of the proper elements, and your sleeping bags are all accounted for.

The last thing you want is to get to the campsite and realize that your essential camping gear is missing. A few other essential items to check for include:

  • Tent stakes
  • Tarps
  • Hammer/Tools
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Propane
  • Fishing Poles/Equipment
  • Coolers
  • Travel Mugs

Pack Heavy

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cram and overpack, but make sure you are fully prepared for any and all potential challenges.

If you’re going camping in the spring or fall — or heck, even in the summer — you’re going to want to prepare for the elements.

Make sure you pack some extra layers, spare blankets/sleeping bags, and other cold gear before you get out in the wilderness and spend the whole time shivering. When it comes to having cold-weather gear, it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.


Planning your meals is one of the most exciting parts about camping.

Are you going to attempt to live off the land, so to speak, and fish for your food? If that’s the case, you still might want to have a backup plan so that you can still eat even if you don’t get a nibble.

Pack things like hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwich supplies, and even fun things like s’mores for the little ones.

And of course, coffee is essential for those early mornings in the wilderness. Pack your travel coffee pot and make sure you bring the best coffee tumbler along to make sure your drink stays warm all day long.

Now you’re ready to hit the great outdoors! Safe trails and happy camping.