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How Hot Should Your Coffee Be?

Fellow coffee drinkers of the world: We have a serious problem.

Scalding hot coffee has created an epidemic of burnt tongues, mouths, hands, and other extremities across the world.

Think about it. How many times have you brewed, bought, or borrowed a fresh cup of coffee before work?

It’s delicious! It’s effective! It’s a daily routine!

You can’t wait to dive right in and taste that magical bean liquid every morning.

But you dove too soon, and now you’re paying the price.

What can you do?

You could wait. And wait. And wait some more for your coffee to cool down.

You can just power through it and risk hurting and burning your precious taste buds.

You could just not drink coffee altogether.

Wait a second — what are we saying? None of those are acceptable solutions. Especially that last one.

You shouldn’t have to compromise and miss out on the wonders of coffee.

So that brings us to the question of the hour: How hot should your coffee be?

What is the perfect drinking temperature, and how can it be achieved on a regular basis?

Here at the LEXO blog, we have the answers.

So grab a cup of joe, strap in, and hold on tight as we go on the quest to find the perfect coffee temperature solution.

The Problem

Sometimes we just brew our coffee too hot to begin with.

That can make for an unpleasant experience and a bad taste, as the coffee grounds might get burnt and leave a bitter, nasty aftertaste.

For this reason, make sure you don’t use boiled water when brewing your coffee.

Anything over 205 degrees will compromise your concoction.

And remember, you need to remove the pot (or cup, if you’re doing a single brew) from the heat source as soon as it’s finished.

But even if your brewing process is perfected, you might still be drinking coffee too hot.

This is bad for you! Drinking coffee when it’s too hot can cause serious scalding burns and may even lead to permanent damage.

Getting your coffee to a perfect temperature can be a delicate balancing act. If it’s too hot, you’ll be burned. If it’s too cold, it will taste poorly. What is a coffee drinker to do?

The Study

Luckily, science has come to our aid.

Studies have shown that typically, hot beverages like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate are served at too-high of a temperature — between 160 degrees and 185 degrees.

While it’s known that exposures to these temperatures may cause damages or burns, it’s also necessary to have the temperature high enough to achieve the desired sensation.

Where is the in-between?

Well, according to the Washington Post, a group of researchers at the University of Texas at Tyler found out.

These researchers, also tired of searing their taste buds with scalding coffee, found 300 volunteers to taste-test coffee at different temperatures. The conclusion?

The recommended serving and drinking temperature is (drumroll, please): 136 degrees.

Seems like it might be tedious to get to that temperature, right? If only there was a way to get the perfect coffee temperature every time.

Wait a second...There is!

The Solution

What if there was a way to drink your coffee at the perfect temperature, every single time?

No more burnt tongues. No more pain. No more waiting to consume your favorite hot brewed beverage.

Well, we have the solution and the science to back it up.

Introducing the LEXO, ThermAvant’s drink-fast, triple wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel tumbler.

The LEXO manages to harness the heat of your coffee through phase change technology, becoming the only mug that delivers coffee at the perfect temperature and your best friend all at the same time.

The LEXO brings your hot drink to an ideal drinking temperature, and then keeps it there, for hours through an innovative heat transfer system.

How is this possible?

The materials in the walls of the tumbler absorb the initial heat blast when you pour your coffee into our stainless steel tumbler, and then disperse that heat back into the liquid throughout the course of the day to maintain perfect drinkability.

No more waiting to drink your coffee, and no more burnt tongues. Problem solved.
Thanks, science!

The LEXO is the best tumbler for coffee or other hot beverages, and it’s is the answer you didn’t know existed to the problem you’ve always had.

The LEXO is durable, made with three layers of extra thick 18/8 stainless steel material, and convenient for taking to the office or on the go.

So, there you have it. No more excuses, no more burnt taste buds, no more scalding hot coffee.

You know what temperature your coffee should be, and you know how to get it there.

Shop for your LEXO today and get the best coffee tumbler money can buy.

We offer two sizes, four colors, and a variety of lid options.

Get yours today and enjoy your coffee once again!