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How Does The LEXO Work?

By now you’ve heard about the innovative coffee tumbler that is sweeping the nation as the best smart mug that money can buy.

The LEXO is not just your standard tumbler. It is the world’s first, and best, truly smart mug, utilizing the power of science as opposed to gadgets and technology to solve the problem of scalding hot coffee for good.

It’s available in multiple colors, with multiple lid styles to ensure that your coffee, tea, or other hot beverage can travel with you wherever you go.

It’s durable, vacuum-insulated, and made from 18/3 stainless steel to ensure that it lasts through the years. It’s dishwasher safe, the lids are BPA-free, and it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

And of course, there’s the big one: the LEXO cools your scalding hot beverage down to the perfect drinking temperature (between 130-150 degrees) in a matter of minutes, and it keeps it at that ideal temperature range for up to eight hours. It’s akin to a miracle for avid coffee drinkers who are tired of burning their tongues, waiting for their coffee to cool down, and reheating their beverage in the microwave every hour of every day.

At this point, it would be crazy not to buy a LEXO tumbler to keep your coffee, tea, or other beverage at the perfect drinking temperature all day long.

But while you may know all of these benefits of owning a LEXO mug, what you may not know is how these benefits came to be.

So, how does the LEXO work? Sit down and buckle up because we’re about to take you on a ride to explain how we use science — not gadgets or magic — to solve the problem of scalding hot (or even reheated) coffee for good.

How The LEXO Works

The Problem

When we wake up in the morning, what do we think about? Our tasks for the day. What we’re going to do once we get off work. And of course, a steaming hot cup of coffee to make all of these things possible.

Brewing a pot of coffee typically requires extreme temperatures which exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time it reaches your cup, it’s likely cooled down a little bit — somewhere between 170-185 degrees — but that’s still too hot.

Taking a drink of your coffee when it’s still at this temperature would be akin to sticking your tongue to the hood of your car after it had been out in the sun all day. It’s gonna burn!

It’s a classic Catch-22: either you wait forever for your coffee to cool down (and risk missing out on the benefits of your magical bean water), or you risk searing your tongue and being unable to taste for days.

Well not anymore. The LEXO solves this problem.

Finding The Solution

A group of researchers at the University of Texas at Tyler found that scalding hot coffee was a nationwide problem as well. They went about searching for the answers as to how hot coffee should be so that it can still be enjoyed without burning your mouth and creating general unpleasantry.

What they found is that the ideal drinking temperature for a cup of coffee is right around 140 degrees. That means if coffee is brewed at 200+ degrees, it could take hours for it to cool down to 140 in a standard tumbler.

Fortunately for coffee drinkers everywhere, the LEXO is not your standard tumbler.

The Process

We’ve finally arrived at the core question behind our blog: how does the LEXO work? It’s really quite simple.

  • Step 1: You brew your coffee like normal. 
  • Step 2: You pour your scalding hot coffee into your LEXO mug.
  • Step 3: Bio-based phase change material within the LEXO’s triple-lined walls absorbs and stores that coffee’s heat energy, known as “latent heat,” as the material changes from a solid to a liquid-like substance — the coffee’s initial “heat blast” is absorbed, thus cooling your coffee down from 200+ degrees down to the ideal range (between 130-150 degrees). 
  • Step 4: As it slowly returns to a solid, the phase change material releases that latent heat through the walls and back into the beverage steadily throughout the day. That steady release of heat ensures that the coffee is held at the perfect drinking temperature for up to eight hours. 
  • Step 5: You get to enjoy your perfectly hot coffee, tea, or other beverage all day long no matter where you are. No burnt tongues. No waiting. No microwaving it later. 

Now you can see and understand why the LEXO is the best smart mug around. The perfect temperature control tumbler, the LEXO solves all of the problems you could ever think of as a coffee drinker. Buy a smart mug today and experience the benefits for yourself.