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Benefits Of Adding Cinnamon To Your Coffee

Let’s face it: coffee is bitter.While there are some people who enjoy it that way — hey, to each their own — often times, we will find any way to mask the taste. We add creamer, milk, sugar, and even flavored syrups in order to receive the same great benefits from our magical, bitter bean water while still being able to tolerate the taste. But there is one other flavor enhancer out there that might not be as well-known, but provides a lot more benefits than just taste.Next time you brew your morning coffee and pour it into your unique LEXO travel mug, try adding a dash of cinnamon and see what happens. You just might have a new favorite...

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What To Pack On Your Ski Trip

It’s that most wonderful time of the year once again.Time to hit the slopes, that is! The first few snowfalls have blanketed our favorite high altitude spots, and now that sweet fresh powder is just beckoning for us to shred. But before you get too eager and jump on the lift, it’s important that you make sure you have everything you need. Skiing is a blast, but it also takes a bit of prior, proper planning. No matter if you’re heading to the slopes of Colorado, Utah, or elsewhere, you need to pack all of the essentials to ensure that your first time on the slopes isn’t your last time, but rather your best time. In this blog, we’ll take...

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Tips For Taking Your Coffee On The Go

We live in a new age. Our society is constantly on-the-go, and we’re constantly searching for new trends and instant gratification. We’re hard-wired to be on the move and stay ahead of the curve, rarely stopping to smell the roses. Sometimes, we don’t even stop to smell the coffee beans. That’s unacceptable. Whether you’re running off to work, heading to conquer a hike, or taking a trip to discover the world, you should always be able to take your coffee with you. In this blog, we’ll lay out some tips for taking your coffee on the go. By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to keep up with the daily grind and stay alert among hustle and bustle of...

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