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How Does Heat Transfer Work?

Science and coffee — together at last! While you may think these are two completely unrelated topics — one was the subject you didn’t like in school and the other is the only way you get through each day — they are actually directly correlated. Science is how your coffee gets created — largely through the process of filtration (not to mention the natural process in which the coffee beans are grown), and the way that heat of the beverage is maintained and lost.With the LEXO, you don’t have to worry so much about the latter. That’s because our innovative smart mug utilizes phase change material and an advanced heat transfer system which cools your coffee to the perfect drinking...

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What Is Phase Change Material?

The secret is out. The LEXO has arrived on the scene in a big way. Our stainless steel coffee tumbler (which comes with a variety of lid options to suit your needs) has solved the problem of scalding hot coffee through the use of phase change materials and an advanced heat transfer system you won’t find anywhere else. Our coffee tumblers not only cool your hot coffee almost instantly to achieve a perfect drinking temperature, but they keep your drink at that temperature throughout the day, eliminating the need to re-heat, re-pour, or waste your precious coffee. But wait, there’s more. Our innovative LEXO mugs also work with cold beverages, keeping them chilled and refreshing for hours. Whichever end of...

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