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Four Ways To Keep Your Drink Warm (And One That Really Works)

We’ve all suffered through a cup of coffee that is too cold at some point or another.

Perhaps you’ve done it more than you care to admit. As cold as it is, you simply need that burst of caffeine to help push you through the rest of the workday. But, it can be hard to stay diligent and drink your coffee during the limited window in which it is still a nice, warm, refreshing temperature. What’s the solution to this problem? Is there one at all?

Well, the answer is yes. There are several makeshift solutions, and one that is guaranteed to work. It’s even backed by science. But more on that later.

First, let’s take a look at four simple tricks that you may or may not know about in order to keep your coffee, tea, or other drink warm. Then, we’ll take a look at the one that actually works.

Use The Microwave

This is probably one of the most common solutions, right? We take our coffee to work, set it on our desk, start performing our early morning tasks and simply forget about it. By the time you have a hankering for a big sip of hot coffee, you find that it has cooled off to the point where it’s not even drinkable. So, a quick and easy solution would be to nuke it in the microwave for a few seconds.

But here’s the catch: tossing your coffee in the microwave is a delicate balance act. You don’t want it to end up getting too hot, and because a microwave uses radiation this is always a risk you run. If using this method, just remember: less is more. The last thing you want is to have to wait for it to cool down again, or to end up with a nasty burnt aftertaste.

Warm The Cup

With the traditional porcelain-style coffee cups, there is a new trend emerging that involves warming that up before you pour your coffee in. Think of it like putting your mug in the freezer before pouring an ice cold beer; preemptively warming the mug allows for your drink to stay warmer for longer, right?

Well, that may be true, but it might also make it difficult for you to hold your mug while you drink it. You will probably end up burning your tongue or waiting for the mug to cool down anyway. One pro tip for this method: just fill the mug with warm water, then dump it out right before pouring your java.

Use A Scarf

That’s right. You might be able to ensure that your coffee stays warmer for longer by giving your mug a little bit of a fashion accessory. Wrapping your cup in a scarf, or other piece of insulating fabric, will help keep that hot beverage nice and cozy. However, it might be hard to drink that way.

Get A Tumbler Lid

If you’re one of the smart ones who uses a coffee tumbler, rather than a traditional mug, well then you already know the benefits of using a coffee tumbler with a lid. Lids help keep the steam from escaping so quickly, meaning the temperature is locked in along with your beverage. Shop here if you’re in need of a great coffee tumbler lid.

Invest In The Best Coffee Tumbler

Like we said, the smart coffee drinkers are the ones who have embraced the future. They are the ones who invest in the best insulated coffee tumbler that money can buy: the innovative LEXO.

Our coffee tumblers are backed by science, built by engineers, and designed for luxury and effectiveness, harnessing the power of phase change technology to cool your hot beverage to the perfect drinking temperature and then keeping it there for hours.

Studies show that the proper temperature at which to drink your coffee is around 136 degrees — which is the sweet spot the LEXO helps you achieve to avoid scalding hot burns and coffee that gets too cold after sitting for mere minutes.

The walls of the LEXO are triple-lined with phase change material which absorbs the initial heat blast, then steadily disperses it through the liquid over the course of the next eight-plus hours. This is unlike any other stainless steel coffee tumbler, and it all comes backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Now you have a real, economical solution to keeping your coffee or other hot drinks warm. Shop LEXO today to buy the best coffee tumbler and feel the difference.