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The LEXO is more than a standard coffee tumbler. It is the world's first smart mug. The LEXO goes above and beyond to be your solution to steaming hot coffee, refreshing ice cold drinks, and more. Our smart mug was designed by expert engineers with one thing in mind: To provide a solution for one of the biggest problems faced by the daily coffee drinker in this day and age. Scalding. Hot. Coffee.

With the standard tumbler, you have to wait seemingly forever for your coffee to cool down in order to avoid burning yourself. By the time you think it’s finally drinkable, it turns out that you missed your window! Now your coffee is cold, undrinkable, and downright unpleasant.

With the LEXO smart mug, that issue is a thing of the past! With their relentless commitment to ingenuity and temperature control, our engineers have designed the LEXO with the most innovative and efficient materials in the world. Using the highest quality materials, our experts were able to craft the LEXO utilizing triple-layer vacuum walls. Lined with our bio-based, space age ThermAvant Temperature Control™ phase change material, the Lexo tumbler cools your coffee to the perfect drinking temperature — around 140 degrees —then maintains that temperature for hours!

Ready to experience a whole new level of drinkability? Then get your LEXO today and indulge yourself with the best, and last, coffee tumbler you’ll ever need.

Beyond the Standard Tumbler

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Engineer Developed

The LEXO is backed by science, as it was designed by a group of the top mechanical engineers and heat transfer engineers in the country. Every aspect of the LEXO has been carefully thought out, tested, and retested to ensure it is the best tumbler on the market -- and that it stays that way. Utilizing their backgrounds, our experts went to work on solving the problems faced by everyday consumers nationwide.

They discovered that there were millions of coffee drinkers, all suffering from the same problem: Coffee that was too hot, too cold, and never just right. Scalding hot coffee is dangerous; it can cause burns, scarring, and even more serious issues.

That’s why we developed the world's first smart mug, which cools coffee efficiently, quickly, and holds it at the perfect drinking temperature for hours. Unlike other standard tumblers, the LEXO is built with a triple-layer of stainless steel walls and double chambers, which allows for the radiation process to take place. No other coffee tumbler on the market can boast the same amount of research, education, or innovation.

The only force at work with the LEXO is physics; there are no batteries, cords and wires, or potentially dangerous metals. Just perfect drinkability and durability.

Check out the video below to learn more about our engineer-developed LEXO, and get yours today!

Bio-Based Phase Change Material

How does the LEXO smart mug stand apart from the competition? It’s simple. Our tumbler is the most innovative on the market, achieving its superiority through the use of an innovative bio-based phase change material and an advanced heat transfer system. The ThermAvant Temperature Control™ phase change material does exactly what it sounds like – controls the temperature of your hot (or cold) beverages for hours on end. There are essentially three steps in the heat transfer process, as perfected within the LEXO tumbler.

  • Conduction: Occurs when two objects with a temperature difference touch each other and react accordingly. This happens when the heat from the high-temperature object flows into the low-temperature object.
  • Convection: The process of taking the heat or energy away from the liquid (coffee) flowing through the object (LEXO tumbler). This is the absorption of the initial heat blast, which allows for the temperature to be brought down to a perfect level in minutes.
  • Radiation: The energy is redistributed throughout the object (LEXO) at a steady, long-lasting pace. This is what allows for your coffee to maintain the perfect drinking temperature for hours.

Essentially, the process works like this: The wax-like phase change material featured in the walls of the LEXO absorbs the initial heat blast from the hot beverage, such as coffee, and “melts” within the walls. This creates a cooling effect which helps cool the drink down from its initial 200 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

The material then redistributes this heat while it re-solidifies, which takes several hours, meaning it is able to maintain a steady temperature throughout the day. Research has shown that the proper and preferred drinking temperature for coffee is between 120-140 degrees, which is exactly the temperature range that the LEXO is able to achieve and maintain for up to eight hours. It’s safe, ideal, and available at an affordable price with a lifetime guarantee.

Looking to keep an iced beverage cold instead? The LEXO works for that as well, adding to its versatility and usability. The LEXO features a drink-fast, triple-wall, vacuum insulated construction, and is made from extra thick 18/8 stainless steel. That means even when a cold beverage is poured into the LEXO instead, the temperature control technology and vacuum insulated walls are still able to go to work and maintain an ice-cold refreshment for hours on end, allowing you to savor the flavor no matter where life’s day-to-day grind takes you.

Choose Your LEXO

The LEXO comes in multiple sizes, from 10 oz. to 16 oz., and in different styles to fit your needs and suit your lifestyle. Our LEXO tumbler options include:

  • 10 oz. LEXO Hinge Lid Perfect for taking your tumbler on the go, the smaller, sleeker LEXO comes in a variety of colors, from cream white to matte black to breathtaking stainless steel.
  • 10 oz. LEXO Flat Top Get temperature lock control and the perfect mini tumbler for on-the-go with the 10 oz. LEXO with an active flat top lid. Available in four colors.
  • 16 oz. LEXO Flat Top For those looking for a little extra boost, the 16 oz. traveler is durable, portable, and offers the same perfect functionality of its 10 oz. counterpart. Available in matte black, stainless steel, stainless steel/black, and cream white. The 16 oz. traveler also adds the innovative temperature lock lid to its array of lid options.
  • 16 oz. LEXO GRIT More rugged. More durable. The GRIT version of the LEXO features a high durability coating which will protect your tumbler on the trail, slopes, or wherever you go. Available in matte black, mint green, fire ember red, and cream white.

Benefits Of The LEXO

Because of the LEXO’s rugged design, impeccable functionality, and unmatched versatility, you’ll never have the need for another tumbler again. Some of the great benefits of the best coffee tumbler include:

  • Portability: You can take your LEXO tumbler wherever you go, whether it’s to the office, on the hiking trail, on the ski slopes, or wherever else your lifestyle takes you. Our tumbler’s sleek design, spill-resistant lids, and temperature control make it the perfect on-the-go beverage container.
  • No More Burns: Our ThermAvant Temperature Control™ system cools your coffee to the perfect drinking temperature in minutes and keeps it there for hours, helping you to avoid the scalding burns associated with drinking coffee.
  • Keep It Cool: You can also keep your drink ice-cold throughout the day, thanks to our fast-acting, triple-layer walls which outperform your standard beverage tumbler.
  • Dishwasher Safe: The LEXO is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment. You can also hand-wash your LEXO quickly and efficiently for everyday use. You’ll love the many features of the only tumbler backed by science and innovation. Don’t hesitate to get the best coffee tumbler available today.

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