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What Is A Smart Mug?

There’s been a big hubbub about coffee in recent years. From searching far and wide for the best coffee tumbler, to finding the right flavors for the right time of year (pumpkin spice does not belong in the summer months, people). 

Now, with the advancements in modern technology and the tastes of coffee drinkers galore, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable mug that checks all of the right boxes and meets all of the drinkers’ needs.

That’s where a smart mug can come into play. But just what the heck is a smart mug? You may have seen or heard about a variety of different products that are electric, battery powered, or use other tactics in order to keep your coffee hot, or at least at a decent drinking temperature.

Well, the truth of the matter is this: none of these so-called “smart mugs” are actually all that smart. That’s because they rely on unreliable, and possibly even unsafe methods, rather than science.

When it comes to smart mugs, LEXO is the smartest of them all. That’s because it was developed by engineers and is backed by science, with a game-changing ThermAvant Temperature Control technology and phase change materials, which not only cools your coffee down to the perfect drinking temperature in minutes, but also keeps it there for hours.

That sounds pretty smart to us.

Let’s learn more about the world’s first smart mug, which has quickly become everyone’s choice as the best coffee tumbler around.

Engineer Developed

First of all, we need to ask ourselves, “What makes a smart mug smart?”

Having it carefully, precisely, and expertly designed by some of the smartest people on the planet might help. The LEXO smart mug is backed by and made for science. It was designed by a group of the best mechanical and heat transfer engineers in the country.

These genius engineers carefully thought out, tested, and retested our smart mug to ensure that it solved the one simple problem that has plagued coffee drinkers for decades: scalding hot coffee. In order to engineer the best coffee tumbler, these scientists utilized their research and expertise in temperature control technology, utilizing phase change materials which allows for the radiation process to take place when a hot beverage is poured into the vessel.

No other “smart mug” on the planet can boast the same amount of research, education, or innovation that the LEXO can.

The Process

Not only should your smart mug be built by smart people, it should also act smart. Well, thanks to those super smart phase change materials we mentioned above, the LEXO does just that. The process is simple.

  1. You wake up in the morning and brew your favorite magical bean water known as coffee. Of course, in order to be delicious your coffee has to be hot, which is why it brews at more than 200 degrees.
  2. Ouch! That’s too hot to drink. But you have to get going ASAP. You can’t wait for that sweet coffee nectar to hit your lips, so you just go ahead and take a drink. But you burn your tongue, and now your day is ruined.
  3. ALTERNATE TIMELINE. Instead of burning your tongue, you pour your coffee right into your LEXO smart mug. 
  4. The phase change materials located in the triple walls of the LEXO go to work with conduction, which occurs when two objects of differing temperatures come into contact and react (in this sense, the hot coffee reacts with the phase change material to make it melt). 
  5. Next, the process of convection begins, where the heat blast (energy) is taken from the coffee and flows through the object (LEXO). 
  6. Finally, the process of radiation begins, which is when that energy is redistributed through the object (your smart mug) at a steady pace. 
  7. To recap: the LEXO smart mug absorbs the heat of the coffee, cools it to the perfect drinking temperature, and redistributes that heat throughout the day so that you can have warm, delicious, non-scalding coffee at all hours. Now that’s a smart mug! 

Choose Your Smart Mug

Now that you know just what a smart mug is, and what a smart mug should do, it’s time you bring one home to see for yourself. Shop here for the best coffee tumblers in all types of shapes and sizes, and reap the benefits of a mug that is as smart and adaptable as you are. You deserve it!