LEXO Lids Only


Brand: LEXO

Product Description

Just need a coffee tumbler lid? Get one here and seal your tumbler with a reliable LEXO top.

  • Pick the size and style of the coffee tumbler lid you need.
  • Our lids are available as a flip top, active flat top, two-stage hinge lid, luxury slide seal, or temperature lock. 
  • Our tumbler lid options fit 10 or 16 oz. LEXO traveler thermal mugs.
  • The LEXO tumbler lids are each designed to make drinking on the go more convenient.

Finding the right coffee tumbler for the person on the go is a challenge as it is. Finding the right coffee tumbler lid can be even more difficult. Well, not any longer.

If you're simply in search of a fantastic lid option capable of keeping your hot drinks at the perfect temperature for hours, then these coffee tumbler lids work great in conjunction with the innovative phase change materials and temperature control system in the LEXO.

For the 10 oz. LEXO, our coffee tumbler lids are available as a two-stage flip-top lid, which has two positions - pour and drink - or as an active flat top lid perfect for quick and easy access on the go.

For the 16 oz. LEXO, you can choose from options like the luxury slide seal, temperature lock, and standard flip top. 16 oz. lids are compatible with the 12 oz. mug, NOT the 10 oz.!

Whether you’re hiking, biking, on the ski slopes or at your office desk, the LEXO is the best insulated tumbler in the world. Get yours today!


  • 10 oz. Options: Two-Stage Hinge Lid, Active Flat Top Lid, 
  • 16 oz. Options: Flip Top Lid, Temperature Lock Lid
  • Colors: Black, Rose Gold, Mint