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How Do You Cool Down Coffee Quickly?


Another morning, another stinging, scorched tongue because of coffee that was way, way too hot to drink.

This is a problem that is all too common among avid coffee drinkers who crave that morning boost.

But what’s the solution? How do you go about cooling down coffee quickly so that you can start reaping the benefits of those magical caffeinated beans and get through the Monday scaries without any hiccups?

Well, there are a few different ways to cool down your coffee to an adequate drinking temperature; some are good, some are bad, and only one solution can tout itself as the best. But more on that later.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with scalding hot coffee and burnt tongues in the morning, keep on reading for some tips on cooling down your coffee quickly.

Let It Sit

Obviously, this is one of the solutions we can label as “bad.” When you let your coffee sit, sure it will eventually cool down, but that’s just a whole lot of wasted time. When you don’t get your coffee fix when you need it most, which is typically at the start of the day, it can be hard to gain any steam (pun not intended) towards productivity. Furthermore, waiting for your coffee tends to lead to a sour mood. Nobody wants to deal with that.

Plus, when you just let your coffee sit, and sit, and sit some more, you’re taking a huge gamble. With a typical cup, mug, or tumbler, you only have a teeny, tiny window in which your coffee will be at the proper temperature. Don’t wait long enough, and you’ll still burn your tongue and risk spilling a hot cup of disaster all over yourself. Wait too long, and you’re drinking tepid coffee that doesn’t even taste good. It’s a delicate balance, and with the right methods now readily available, simply letting your cup of coffee sit and cool is an archaic solution.

Chill Your Mug

A common answer to the question of how to cool down coffee quickly suggests that pouring your freshly brewed joe into a chilled mug or container, whether it’s made from traditional porcelain or stainless steel, is an effective way to cool coffee quickly.

But that just brings up a whole new problem: How are you going to drink out of it? Sure, your coffee will get cooled down, but holding your frigid cold mug in your bare hands is hardly any way to enjoy your morning brew. What, are you going to wear a glove? We didn’t think so. Luckily, there’s a proper solution to this whole problem. Here it comes.

Get The Best Coffee Tumbler

The one and only solution to cooling your coffee quickly without sacrificing comfort, missing your window, or having to deal with new problems is to get yourself an innovative coffee tumbler. The LEXO is the most unique and best coffee tumbler on the market.

Backed by science and built with a one-of-a-kind temperature control system, the phase change materials in the triple-wall design of the LEXO ensure that your coffee is cooled to a perfect drinking temperature in mere minutes. Even better, those same walls radiate heat for hours, meaning your coffee will stay hot and drinkable throughout the day.

No more missed windows. No more burnt tongues. Just perfect hot beverages every single time. Now that’s a solution you can count on. Get your LEXO tumbler today and experience the magic of perfect coffee.