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“Can You Put Hot Coffee In The Fridge?” And Other Caffeinated Questions

How do you like your coffee?

Perhaps you like it with a spot of cream and sugar. Maybe you’re more of a cold brew aficionado. Heck, maybe you’ve even gotten in on the Bulletproof coffee craze.

One thing is for sure: we like our coffee the way we like it. That may seem like an obvious point to make, but it’s worth noting simply because we believe that we should never, ever have to compromise!

That means we should never drink reheated, cold (unless it’s iced on purpose), or stale coffee — ever!

In this blog, we’re going to dedicate some time to answering a few common, caffeinated, and sometimes silly questions about coffee. The point is to quell any concerns and answer any questions you may have been too afraid to ask yourself.

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Can You Put Hot Coffee In The Fridge?

Now why in the world would you ever want to do that? Chances are, it’s because your coffee is too hot when it’s freshly brewed, and you want to cool it down to a more pleasant temperature in a hurry.

And while you can put your scalding hot coffee in the fridge, that just seems like a waste of time and energy. Not to mention, how are you going to know when your coffee is “ready?” Are you going to literally stand by the fridge and check your coffee periodically?

If you don’t, you run the risk of cooling your coffee down too much. And nobody wants to deal with that.

So instead of dealing with any of these hassles, simply get the world’s first smart mug instead.

The LEXO uses the power of science, along with innovative temperature control and phase change material, to cool your coffee down to the perfect drinking temperature in mere minutes. And, to sweeten the pot even further, the LEXO keeps your coffee hot for hours and hours.

No gadgets, no refrigerators, and no microwaves necessary. Just a simple smart mug and your delicious cup of joe.

Should You Microwave Coffee?

Um, no. Never. Never ever, ever! While you may think it’s quick, easy, and convenient to toss your cup of coffee into the microwave for a quick “nuke,” you are actually doing your java and yourself a major disservice.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid nuking your coffee in the microwave at all costs:

  • Microwave reheating causes the aromatics (aka, the flavors) to break down. That means your coffee tastes burnt and bad.
  • If you have to resort to reheating your coffee in the first place, chances are it’s been cooled down significantly and is no longer fresh. 
  • Reheating coffee in a microwave makes it impossible to gauge the temperature of your coffee. That means you’re running the risk of burning your hand when you grab the cup, and more importantly burning your tongue with scalding hot, reheated coffee. 
  • A solution exists! Why would you ever waste time drinking bad-tasting, too-hot coffee when there’s a simple solution to avoid all of this. The LEXO smart mug eliminates the need to ever have to reheat your coffee with its temperature control system. Backed by science, our smart mug keeps your coffee hot for up to eight hours! 

How Hot Should Coffee Be? 

This is a point of confusion, and even sometimes contention, among coffee drinkers. Just how hot should coffee be brewed — and, more importantly, how hot should it be when you take your first sip?

When coffee is brewed the hot way (as opposed to the overnight cold brew method), conventional wisdom says it needs to be somewhere around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot!

In fact, that’s so hot that drinking coffee when it’s at that temperature can result in some pretty nasty burns. That’s why it’s recommended that you let your coffee sit for a few minutes before taking a sip.

But what’s the best sipping temperature? Well, studies have shown that most people prefer their java to be right around 140 degrees — hot enough to get that good, soothing warmth, but not so hot that it’s going to burn your tongue.

And since you aren’t going to be walking around with a thermometer every time you brew your coffee, how are you supposed to know when your coffee is drinkable?

That’s easy. With the LEXO, you never have to worry about putting your coffee in the fridge, adding ice, or waiting around for 10 minutes while your coffee cools.

Just pour, wait two minutes, and voila! Our temperature control mug cools your coffee to the perfect drinking temperature just like that.

Where Can I Buy A LEXO?

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