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Why Buy A Reusable Coffee Tumbler? Here Are The Facts.

Waste, waste, waste.

That’s all that’s happening when you drink your coffee out of a disposable plastic or styrofoam cup. Not only can you sometimes taste a noticeable plastic-y difference, but the materials used to make those cups are often quite damaging to the environment.

How do you solve this problem? By buying a reusable coffee tumbler. And since you’re already buying one, you might as well opt for the best coffee tumbler.

And since you’re already here learning about the best coffee tumbler, you might as well buy the LEXO — the world’s best smart mug featuring innovative temperature control.

And since we’re in the learning mood, let’s keep going, shall we? To see why you should buy a reusable coffee tumbler instead of using plastic disposable cups, keep reading and check these scary facts for yourself.

Styrofoam Is Bad

When people think about harmful materials, the first thing that often comes to mind is plastic. We all know that plastic isn’t always the best thing for the environment, and its recyclable properties aren’t always as beneficial as advertised.

Well, those light and white styrofoam cups can be just as bad. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that around 25 billion styrofoam cups are disposed each year, which doesn’t bode well for our planet because these materials are often not biodegradable. These materials have the potential to stay in a landfill for 500 years.

Not to mention, styrene — one of the main components of styrofoam — is known to leach carcinogenic materials into your drinks, particularly when they are hot.

Plastic Is Worse

Plastic cups are also super, duper bad for the environment. While many of them have recyclable labels on the bottom of them, they typically aren’t accepted because they are made from No. 5 polypropylene, which tends to leach harmful chemicals and toxins into the environment and liquids which they come in contact with.

Not only does this produce harmful side effects for humans, possibly even including cancer, but it can also be extremely bad for the environment.

And of course, along with the harmful materials which compose the plastic cups is that nasty taste. Coffee should taste delicious every time! The only way to ensure that the taste is right is to drink out of a reusable coffee mug like the LEXO.

Facts & Figures

And now for the really scary stuff. If you’re still not convinced that you should buy a reusable coffee tumbler, then allow these numbers to sway your mind for you:

  • 16 Billion: The amount of paper cups used in America each year. One paper cup per day contributes to 23 pounds of waste into a landfill each year. 
  • 4.4 Billion: The amount of water that could be saved each year if customers at Starbucks alone used a reusable coffee tumbler. That’s enough water to supply the entire city of Los Angeles for eight days.
  • 253 Million: Pounds of waste produced by making those 16 billion paper/plastic cups every year. 
  • 3,000: If you used a reusable coffee tumbler this many times, you could save an average of 189 pounds of waste and $300 on coffee over your tumbler’s lifespan (average of eight years).

Get The Best Coffee Tumbler

Are you thoroughly convinced now? We hope so.

And like we said above: if you’re going to buy a reusable coffee tumbler already, you might as well make it the best coffee tumbler.

Our smart mug features a dynamic temperature control system which doesn’t use wasteful plastic, electronics, microprocessors, or other gadgets. Instead, the bio-based phase change material located within the LEXO walls uses the scientific processes of conduction and convection to absorb the initial heat blast from your scalding hot coffee and redistribute that heat throughout the next eight hours.

That means no more burnt tongues, no more reheating your coffee, and no more nonsense — just perfectly drinkable coffee at all times.

What’s more, the LEXO also comes with heavy-duty temperature lock lids — which are all BPA free, to boot — for ultra safe functionality.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the LEXO is truly the best coffee tumbler and it’s built to last with a limited lifetime guarantee. Save money, save the environment, and buy a reusable LEXO coffee tumbler today.