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What To Know About Drinking Coffee At Work

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

When you first wake up in the morning, that magical bean water is all that’s on the mind.

You can’t get it soon enough. You can’t get enough of it.

For many hundreds — nay, thousands — of workers in the United States, a morning coffee is a daily ritual. Some can’t even start their workday without it. Some drink one, two, four, eight cups a day. There’s a coffee shop on seemingly every corner. Sometimes, there are two or more coffee shops (of the same chain, mind you) on the same block.

At this point, coffee is as American as apple pie and baseball. And because we’re always on the go, between work and school and playtime (adults need it, too), we need to know that our coffee will always be right by our side.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at a few things you need to know about drinking your coffee at work, from its well-known benefits to a few little-known facts. Then, we’ll take a look at the scientifically designed luxury mugs that are sweeping the nation as the best coffee tumblers.

If you’re the type of person who has to have coffee before you can get started with your day, then this blog goes out to you. Let’s dive in.

Coffee Makes You Productive

This one is simply stating a bit of the obvious. Because of the jolt of caffeine we get after drinking a fresh cup of joe, it’s a known fact that we become more aware, and therefore can be more productive at work — especially if it’s early in the morning. But why is that? Because we at LEXO love science, we’d like to examine the reasons behind this phenomenon a little bit more.

Caffeine Is A Brain Stimulant

Technically speaking, every time you drink a cup of coffee, you’re actually partaking in one of the most common drugs known to man. Caffeine! Don’t worry, it’s not going to make you fail a drug test. In the right circumstances, caffeine can actually be a useful tool. As we said, it helps you get a burst of energy and remain productive throughout the morning. This is because that little stimulant known as caffeine actually blocks certain receptors in your brain, which in turn allow neurotransmitters like epinephrine and dopamine, both of which are associated with the brain’s alertness levels, to take control. Therefore, coffee is the best all-natural drug which allows you to stay more awake, alert, and productive, whether you’re the early bird or working the graveyard shift.

Milk Hinders The Process

At this point, you may simply be drinking your daily cup of morning brew just because you like the taste. But if you’re among those who really want that extra boost, you might be wise to not add any milk with fat content. That’s because our bodies tend to absorb the coffee much slower when fat milk content is added, meaning the effects take longer and are overall less effective. Instead, you may want to go with nonfat creamer or just drink it straight up.

Coffee Brings People Together

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a withdrawn introvert at the office, there’s one thing that brings coworkers together like nothing else: coffee! Studies show that employees who take regular coffee breaks at the same time are more productive, creating a team bond that is unique and caffeinated.

There Are Best Times To Drink Coffee

While coffee might sound like a great idea at any hour of the day, there are actually some times in which it will be more effective. According to an article in Forbes, the best times to drink coffee are the times in which your body’s natural cortisol levels are lowered, typically between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., and again between 1:30 and 5 p.m. Who knew?

Your Coffee Can Always Be Perfect

If you’re one of the workers who struggles with bringing their coffee on the go, always worrying about coffee that’s too hot (beware of scalding burns) or too cold (because you waited too long), we have created a simple solution. The LEXO is the best coffee tumbler that is scientifically designed for luxury and innovation. The patented temperature control system and phase change materials in our tumblers mean your coffee is cooled to the perfect temperature in minutes and is kept there for hours. Learn more about how the LEXO works and buy the best coffee tumbler to take to the office today.