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Give The Gift Of Perfectly Hot Coffee

The weather outside is frightful.

But hot coffee is so delightful.

And since you can take the best coffee tumbler on the go — this Christmas you should give LEXO, give LEXO, give LEXO.

What better gift could you give the coffee or hot tea lover in your life than the world’s first, most innovative, and best smart mug — the LEXO travel tumbler.

With the LEXO, we achieved superiority through ingenuity, developing the only coffee tumbler which cools your scalding hot coffee or tea down to the perfect drinking temperature in a matter of minutes, and keeps it there for hours.

Studies have shown that typically, coffee is brewed at temperatures that are upwards of 200 degrees — and typically people try to take their first sip while it’s still hovering around 160 degrees. That is far too hot for our mouths to handle, typically resulting in burnt tongues and other discomfort.

The LEXO solves the problem that has boggled coffee drinkers for centuries, taking that piping hot coffee and cooling it down to around 140 degrees, which science says is the optimal drinking temperature, and holds it there for up to eight hours.

This is achieved thanks to a breakthrough in our engineer-developed phase change/temperature control materials in our smart mug’s inner walls, which uses the power of physics — including conduction, convection, and radiation — to absorb the initial heat blast and transfer it back into the liquid throughout the day.

All of that was to say this: if you are looking to gift the coffee aficionado in your life something truly remarkable this holiday season, then buy the world’s first smart mug: the LEXO.

Here are some of our top sellers this holiday season, available on sale now through December 18. Shop LEXO today to get yours in time!

Rose Gold LEXO

The 16-oz. Rose Gold LEXO comes from the innovative GRIT series, which is built to hold up to everyday on-the-go living.

Has your wife, mother, sister, or significant other always wanted a unique coffee tumbler to match their pink phone or other accessories? Bam. This is it.

The stunning Rose Gold color is one of the most luxurious you will find, which is part of the reason why the LEXO GRIT series is the best coffee tumbler to take with to work, on the slopes, or wherever life may bring you.

GRIT Black With Luxury Slide Lid

Once again coming from the durable GRIT series, which is built with a tougher exterior finish, the 16-oz. GRIT black LEXO is among our top sellers this holiday season.

Part of the reason why is because of the luxury slide-seal lid, which allows for easy drinkability no matter where you are. And of course, the engineer-developed temperature control helps, too.

Shop Today

The LEXO is not your standard tumbler. It’s the world’s first smart mug. It’s the only travel mug which maintains your beverage’s temperature all day long — guaranteed. Give the gift of perfect drinkability this holiday season and shop by Dec. 18 to get an exclusive deal on all of the best coffee tumblers.