LEXO Temperature Regulating Smart Travel Mug - 10 oz

$31.96 $39.95

Brand: LEXO

Product Description

The LEXO 10 oz. travel coffee tumbler is anything but standard.

  • With phase change material and temperature control technology, the LEXO traveler cools and maintains coffee to the perfect drinking temperature for hours.
  • The 10 oz. travel coffee tumbler is available in matte black, stainless, white, and stainless/black.

This is not your standard tumbler. This is the LEXO. Our 10 oz. travel coffee tumbler is perfect for the modern active lifestyle, creating a solution to the problem of coffee that is too hot and drinkable for too short of a time. Our innovative phase change, temperature-control technology cools your hot beverages down to the perfect temperature, and then keeps it there for hours, meaning you never have to experienced scalding burns or undrinkable coffee again. The spill-resistant lid makes the 10 oz. side of our travel coffee tumbler great for taking on the go, whether you’re at the office, on the hiking trail, or on the slopes. Made from 18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free materials, the LEXO also carries a lifetime guarantee. Get yours today.

LEXO Features:

• Colors:
     • Stainless
     • Green
     • Burnt Sienna
     • Stainless/Black

    • Lid
         • Active Flat Top Lid - completely seals the top of the mug.
         • Two Stage Hinge Lid - has a flip top design which can be open just a little for          drinking or all the way for pouring out of the LEXO travel mug.
      • Made from 18/8 stainless steel
      • BPA free canister and lids
      • Dimensions: 2.76 inch x 2.76 inch x 9 inch